Version 0.8.2

Missing column in album tab restored, automatic update check added

Version 0.8.1

New Backup format (in 0.8.0 still old one was used), cosmetics in UI

Version 0.8.0

Database access updated, simplyfied settings dialog, support for singles and incomplete albums, new backup format

Version 0.7

Internal improvments, created setup and logo

Version 0.61

Created plugins for file formats (for MP3 and OGG yet).

Version 0.60 (unreleased)

Added support for Vorbis audiofiles (OGG). Restriction for adding CD covers removed now any number of covers can be added. Support for Microsoft SQL server added. Updated DiskInputPlugin, it buffers read data.

Version 0.50

Filtering table added for better and faster searching. Support for input plugins. Integrated is a plugin for MP3s on harddrives.

Version 0.31

Full support for MacOS X. Bugfixes.

Version 0.30

Added internal database. From now on no database server needs to be installed, but performance if better with external database with large amount of data. Checking of new Version in "?" menu.

Version 0.26b

Databaselayer updated to improve changing database. Beginning of adaption for MacOS X.

Version 0.25

Better thread handling with progressbar. Tablemodels changed for better loading status. Popups for both tables added and a manual reload created. Changed the method recognising cds because some OS have different filename cases. For this issue a tools has been added ("MD5-Updater") to update cd fingerprint.

Version 0.2

Setup dialog created. Application is now able to create the database schema by itself. More error messages instead of pure exceptions. Support for PostgreSQL and additional languages added. Backup and restore of database content created.

Version 0.1b

First release. Was not usable because the database schema was not included.